With a unique background, Tom has worked in Arizona governmental agencies at the county, state, and federal levels.

Quickly, Tom learned the value of relationships.  At the county level, he was appointed to the Maricopa Merit Commission Board. This is an appellate panel, responsible for reviewing all personnel terminations as a final effort on the part of the employee to retain their positions. Tom was elected to Chairman of  this commission and served for three years until he stepped down to run for a political position.

Tom Morrissey For Mayor
Sometimes, relationships come from unexpected places. Tom Morrissey, Steven Seagal, and Sheriff Joe.

At the State level, Tom was appointed by then Governor Fife Symington to the position of DES (Department of Economic Security) Inspector General, Chief of the Office of Special Investigations. During this time, Tom was able to reduce operating budgets by one-third, while raising production by 20%.  At the Federal level, for over 20 years, Tom worked as a Deputy US Marshal, rising to the highest position of Chief Deputy for the District of Arizona. During his term as Chief, the district was recognized twice as the best performing large district in the country. Overall, Tom managed staff and personnel, resources, and budgets, which gives him a deeper level of experience and understanding of just how government works.

Tom Morrissey is accustomed to operating in that environment and most importantly, he knows how to get things done within a bureaucracy. Tom is now using that knowledge and leveraging his extensive connections and contacts for the Town’s benefit.

Simply put: Tom Knows how to get things done.

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