One of the cornerstones of my campaign is accessibility and transparency.  I stress open and accessible government with regular town hall meetings. Transparency, in my view, is that townspeople would have a good working knowledge of a particular project and its impacts, both positive and negative. That way we are all part of making informed decisions.

People Not Politicians

An important part of maintaining the lifestyle of Payson and all that we enjoy, while allowing for necessary expansion, is to be sure that the town can support any new venture financially. Financial viability would address the ability of the current infrastructure to support the proposal. Next, it needs to be evaluated on the basis that it enhances the town in terms of improved services, opportunities and beautification. A town must grow to survive and prosper. Responsible growth means it would grow in a planned and thoughtful manner so it enhances the experience of the residents and visitors.  That growth should not occur at the expense of the residents, or for the benefit of outside interests.  If done correctly and collectively all of Payson will benefit and be proud of the accomplishments we achieve together.

I recognize that day-to-day operations, managing of the budget, and many other issues fall to the Town Manager and the Council. Citizens do not necessarily need to be involved in general affairs. My concern is when a large or expensive project is considered, or whenever additional taxes are being considered, I believe the citizens should be more directly involved in the process.

People, not politicians or special interests, should have the final say.

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