Your Full-Time Mayor

Proven & Committed Leadership as Mayor

  • Reversed a town culture of “No” to a culture of “Let’s find a way to do it.
  • Obtained additional revenue to replace a significant loss for Payson by successfully lobbying to increase Arizona rural towns’ share of state tax money to replace the shortfall. This solution impacted other rural towns across Arizona, not just Payson.
  • Worked with U.S. Senator Sinema to obtain funds for catastrophic fire prevention at CC Cragin reservoir. The first trees have been cut!  This is the first step of firewising against potential wildfires around our town’s critical water source.
  • Pulled together a team to develop a warming center with overnight stays and meals for homeless and homeless veterans. This has been done at no cost to the Town of Payson while providing compassion and care to those in need.  The Payson Homeless and Homeless Veterans Initiative – Payson Warming Center (New Directions) has been selected to receive the (2022) Inspiring Rural Health Program Award from the Arizona Rural Health Association (AzRHA) Awards Committee this June.
  • As a former law enforcement officer recognized illegal drug problems here in Payson and began working on the issue. We now have an additional police position on mitigating the illegal drug problems in town.
  • Initiated the NEPA* study for the Green Valley Parkway evacuation route for SW Payson residents. This has been a long-stalled project, which is now in progress. (*National Environment Policy Act)
  • Resolved a long-standing water issue with Tonto Apache Tribe, again at no cost to Payson.
  • Kept “World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo” open during Covid and wildfires! This is an important event for the Town of Payson!

As Your Mayor

Tom will continue to use his extensive network of resources and longtime executive experience to:
  • Develop and implement the current joint effort with the Arizona Department of Housing for assistance with workforce housing and first-time buyers.
  • Create a business-friendly environment to attract high-paying jobs to keep our children in Payson.
  • Our “Wish List” has already been submitted to U.S. Senator Sinema for additional infrastructure funds.
  • Explore trade school and career education opportunities.
Tom is committed to being an open and accessible Mayor.  Please attend one of the “Chat with the Mayor” sessions that I have held monthly. You can see the next one on the event page. Tom is committed to Keeping Payson Moving Forward!!  Together we can do it!! You can help Tom:   We need signs in yards and palm cards passed out and if anyone could host a meet and greet with your friends and neighbors. Please contact us to learn how you can help.
  • Election Day!

    Time to Vote - Together We Can Keep Payson Moving Forward!!August 2, 2022
    Thank you for Voting For Tom Morrissey.
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