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While visiting with several small business owners, I felt the passion and enthusiasm of the owners who have made the commitment to open shop in Payson. The climate and beauty of our town, the quiet laid back atmosphere and the friendliness of the townspeople were all good reasons to be here. When turning the discussion to any issues or barriers, one of the consistent complaints heard from local businesses, is the high cost for entry and the resale of existing businesses.


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Permits and impact fees are a barrier to startup businesses and the process is not the same for all. In other words, it is not a level playing field. I believe the process needs to be standard, efficient and transparent. We can examine those costs under our control to look for any reductions. I also think it is critical that local businesses maintain a close relationship with town government, and its leadership. To accomplish this improved communication process, I would consider the feasibility of appointing a business ombudsman as a bridge so that the process can be streamlined and consistent and that when difficulties arise, an appeals process would be in place. This would ensure that consistency and fairness are applied uniformly.

Another area of interest is to examine the use of incentives to assist businesses. Such ideas include looking at the deferral of fees or costs for specified periods of time. I will set up regular meetings with business leaders to be sure we are addressing their concerns and removing any obstacles which may be preventing their growth. I also believe as a town we can look for ideas and events that draw residents and visitors that showcase our businesses. We can work closely with other organizations to accomplish this goal. I believe it is small business that is the lifeblood of our community and our future prosperity.


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