Voting is much more than the opportunity to decide the way things should be.


Our votes do not just support a candidate or a particular proposition or referendum. Voting is our obligation as a resident.  With them we can collectively support the ideas that work for the entire Town.  Voting is exercising YOUR right, YOUR power that will bring welcome changes to our community.  Ultimately YOUR vote ensures a RESPONSIBLE government.

Who better to “Rock the Vote” with than the “Motor City Madman?”  The Morrissey For Mayor campaign is pleased to have earned the support of Mr. Ted Nugent.



Ted, like Tom, knows the value of voting, and the value of taking a stand and holding your ground.  The local propositions, Proposition 401 and Proposition 402, are important topics.  To learn where the Mayoral Candidates and Council Candidates stand on these issues, simply click the links.

Tom Supports your right to vote on important issues.

Vote “YES” on 401 and 402.


Tom is the “Ethical Choice”  read this prior blog post: “An Ethical Choice.”


Mayor Swartwood promised the people they could vote on any sales tax increase. Mr. Swartwood also indicated a single term.

Mayor Swartwood’s story is one of broken promises.

But let’s help him keep the promise about only serving one term.

Broken Promises


The Morrissey for Mayor Campaign supports and endorses the following Council Candidates:

Jeffrey  Aal

Jim Ferris

Dave Golembewski


Sometimes we can disagree on issues.  Two things we can all agree on;

  1. Voting is important.
  2. Civility, despite our differences, is important and part of being a resident in our wonderful community of Payson.


Morrissey for mayor


Early ballots have been mailed out by the Gila County Elections Department.


“The Gila County Department of Elections mission is to ensure equal access to the electoral process for all citizens and candidates by conducting elections with the highest level of integrity that ensure every vote counts.”


If you have any questions on your polling place, or your ballot, please contact them for clarification.


  • Election Day!

    Time to Vote for "Fresh New Leadership in Payson, AZ"August 28, 2018
    Thank you for Voting For Tom Morrissey.
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