Recently the Morrissey for Mayor Campaign participated in the discussion forum on the local radio station KMOG. 

Many people were unable to listen to the radio broadcast, we are providing them below in a streaming audio format for your pleasure.  The first is the forum of 8/14/18 and the second is the forum of 8/20/18 with three additional council candidates Jeffrey Aal, Dave Golembewski, and Jim Ferris discussing a multitude of topics.  We hope to have the recent forum of 8/23/18 posted in the near future and we note that there is an additional forum scheduled for 8/27/18.  Please tune in.

First, please take a moment to listen to our sponsor (OK, ok, it is a thirty-second fun advertisement you may have heard on the radio. )  This is not the one that started auto play.


Now for the 08/20/18 forum.  We appreciate Transparent Payson, Jeffrey Aal, Dave Golembewski and Jim Ferris for joining us.

This is the August 20th Forum (Also the one that started auto playing.)


This is the August 14th Forum.


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