As your mayor, I am always open to ideas/projects that would benefit our town. I am aware of an opinion survey that indicates a strong desire to build a community center with a covered indoor pool in Payson.

One potential opportunity involves a proposed joint effort for a private business to build a community center, on their property, at their cost. Once built, the Town would provide for the ongoing operational costs, or a private entity like the YMCA could run and provide the operational costs.

However, in order to consider or communicate on this unique arrangement, the Town Council and Mayor MUST enter into an “MOU” (Memorandum of Understanding) to proceed with any type of discussion or proposal. This type of contractual agreement allows us to legally designate town staff to explore possibilities and outline terms for studying a proposed private-public relationship between a private entity such as the MHA Foundation, and the Town of Payson.


It only allows the town and a private entity to have discussions about a joint project (community center with an indoor pool) and this particular study with the MHA Foundation is still underway. If a reasonable and cost-effective agreement is reached, it will be taken to the citizens of Payson for their vote and approval.

If interested you can view the MOU on the town website,

I am always looking for ways to expand our town citizen’s employment, social and recreational opportunities. I will never enter into a contractual agreement without your approval. I’m asking for your vote in the August 2nd election to help me keep Payson moving forward.

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