Want to learn more about Tom’s platform and goals?

Check the Local Issues on the menu to learn more about the issues that are important to Tom and the Town.

The basics include:

  • School safety
  • Workforce housing and first-time buyers
  • Support responsible growth for the town
  • Support and promote local businesses
  • Create a business-friendly environment to attract high-paying jobs
  • Open accessible town government (Transparency)
  • Reasonable fire risk management
  • Enhance intergovernmental relationships – County, State and Federal

Do you have a question or concern for Tom?  Always happy to answer questions, simply email us at MorrisseyForMayor@gmail.com.  We will provide a response and add your voice to drive the conversation.  A hallmark of a good leader is to always listen.

Tom Morrissey For Mayor
Tom is always ready to listen to your concerns.

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    Time to Vote - Together We Can Keep Payson Moving Forward!!August 2, 2022
    Thank you for Voting For Tom Morrissey.
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