Tom Morrissey

Tom Morrissey for Payson Mayor: An Ethical Choice. Tom is committed to a clean race.  No mud...
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Tom Morrissey is a former U.S. Marshal, a businessman, a writer and musician.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Tom started his writing career in the music business as a song writer and a performer. He wrote songs for such greats as Ray Charles, Richie Havens, Brook Benton and The Crazy Elephant. He also performed with the hit recording groups The Echoes and the Ohio Express. He left the music business to become a U S Marshal where he spent 20 years chasing fugitives and protecting federal witnesses before retiring as the Chief Deputy US Marshal for the Federal District of Arizona.

Tom Morrisey

Tom also spent a life time studying martial arts, including a rare form of Chinese internal martial arts known as Shing Yi, under Grand Master Kenny Gong (Ak Fai) of Canton, China.  In the last few years, Tom has turned his attention to a life long love of writing, only this time it is stories and novels. He calls upon his experiences as a US Marshal and a lifetime of martial arts to bring his characters to life on the pages of his books.

He and his wife Kris live in the mountains of Arizona where he produces and hosts a weekly radio show.




  • US Army Veteran
  • Small Business Owner
  • B.A. Law Enforcement Administration, Ottawa University, Kansas
  • Chief Deputy US Marshall for Federal AZ District
  • Inspector General For AZ Department of Economic Security
  • Certified Public Manager, A.S.U.
  • Life Time Martial Artist and Instructor; Shing Yi
  • Song Writer with Ray Charles, Richie Havens and others.
  • Best Selling Author




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What really matters……

What characteristics in a Mayor are most important to you? Honesty? Integrity? A proven track record of success? How about a person who has spent...
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Tom's Thoughts

Level the Playing Field

Permits and impact fees are a barrier to startup businesses and the process is not the same for all.

Level the Playing Field


What transparency means to me is that most of our townspeople would have a good working knowledge of a particular project.